Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heavens, the tyranny of a blank page. I do believe it's easier to write a book than to fill up this blank area. OK, my day so far, wrestling with Facebook and losing. I hate losing to software, it takes away a bit of our humanity doesn't it? After spending an entire morning trying to get it to work, I found out there is a known problem with the program, "they're working on it." I feel so much better, really, I do. It's not just me. Now I'll set out to create Blog posts interesting enough to draw you in.

Some interesting things I've learned about Homeland Security during the book research for Blue Ice. You can take comfort in the fact that we are very well protected indeed. The Special Agents in the Investigations branch are around you, where ever you live, and are more active than the media would lead you to believe, preferring to let the other federal agencies like FBI and ATF take the credit. They stay under the radar, unnoticed, and it's likely you have never heard of the scope of their power unless you have become interesting to them. Interesting word, you know, interesting. There are times when it is in our interest to remain uninteresting.

Just a start. I'll add to this site regularly, and maybe we can get a good discussion going.

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