Monday, July 2, 2012

Nine days until the book is introduced at the Police Writer's Conference in Vegas. And counting.

Interesting time here in the good old US. While the government leaders seem ambivalent toward the principal of holding closed our borders on the South West and the North, the civilian and militry folks have deployed drones and task forces to do just that. I'm reading the June 2012 issue of Military Officer magazine today. It diagrams the area of responsibility for the combined effort of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM).

Here's how NORTHCOM is described; "NORTHCOM's area of responsibility includes the continental U.S., Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and surrounding waters out to approximately 500 nautical miles. It executes its mission of homeland defense and civil support operations with the help of several subordinate commands and through partnerships with the Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico." (p. 53)

More than 60 different federal and non-federal agencies, including Homeland Security, tie in with NORTHCOM to secure our defense, and how does all of this interest me? My books are all about Special Agents who are defending the borders against anything coming into the country that would harm the U.S.

My hope is that the government would give them a clear mission, allow them to carry out that mission, and that all of the alphabet soup agencies working together actually work smoothly to a common goal.

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