Friday, August 24, 2012

Reactivating site

OK, I'm going to run an experiment here and post concurrent entries with my two blog sites. I want to see which one is really worth the time and effort to maintain, keeping two is not an option. I could stop eating, but really, not practical.

My othr blog spot is attached to my website, Worst case is that I will simply keep the two in sync with each other.

Here is the latest post -

Available now on Amazon

Blue Ice is now available from Be sure to search for I.C. Enger since there are a few other similar titles out there. I can guarantee you, there are no similar stories!
Homeland Security is more and more in the news, have you noticed? The emphasis is still focused on ERO, Enforcement and Removal Operations. I expect that one of these days HSI, Homeland Security Investigations, will get a share of the spotlight as well. Not that they would welcome it.

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